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Auto accidents happen.  But when they happen to you, you need to turn to professionals.  In the case of a catastrophic injury or loss of life, that extends far beyond a phone call to your insurance agent. You need a legal champion with real experience to fight for your rights.

This website is dedicated to providing information about transportation accidents, (trucks, cars, SUV’s, Vans and Motorcycles), and the legal options you can pursue. At BCA, we are a national firm with the experience and resolve to assist you. READ MORE

The team at Brent Coon and Associates knows when a vehicle rollover or the resulting injury is caused by the shortcomings in the design of the vehicle.

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Trucking Companies and 18 Wheeler Accidents

A collision between a passenger vehicle and an 18 wheeler is almost always catastrophic. There are some very professional truck drivers and trucking companies operating these big rigs on our highways. Unfortunately, there are some irresponsible truckers taking risks that put our families’ lives in danger.

The team at Brent Coon and Associates knows how to investigate these companies and hold them accountable to the full extent of the law. We understand that the trucking industry has a tendency to create corporate structures that attempt to insulate them from liability. We know how to unravel those barriers so that all relevant insurance and assets are placed at risk for the trucking company. We understand the art and science of accident reconstruction which is essential in making the truck driver’s errors understandable and clear. We know the federal and state regulations applicable to truckers that limit the amount of time they can drive per day and per week.

We have the resources to download computer information from the tractor pulling the trailer including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Electronic Control Modules (ECM or sometimes called the “Black Box”) that can reveal violations of operational regulations and traffic laws. If you or someone you care about is seriously injured or killed by the negligent operation of an 18 wheeler, the team at Brent Coon and Associates can help. Contact us for a free evaluation of the crash and the liability of the trucking company. We want to help you and do our part to rid our highways of unprofessional trucking companies and unsafe truck drivers.


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