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Auto accidents happen.  But when they happen to you, you need to turn to professionals.  In the case of a catastrophic injury or loss of life, that extends far beyond a phone call to your insurance agent. You need a legal champion with real experience to fight for your rights.

This website is dedicated to providing information about transportation accidents, (trucks, cars, SUV’s, Vans and Motorcycles), and the legal options you can pursue. At BCA, we are a national firm with the experience and resolve to assist you. READ MORE

The team at Brent Coon and Associates knows when a vehicle rollover or the resulting injury is caused by the shortcomings in the design of the vehicle.

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Trinity GuardRail Lawsuits

BCA is actively investigating Trinity Defective Guardrail lawsuits after reports of accidents involving serious injury and in some cases death. It's been reported that Trinity changed the design of it's guardrail and then failed to inform state and federal authorities. This was reportedly done as a cost cutting measure to save $2 dollars on every Trinity Guardrail unit. Trinity is currently conducting crash tests in Texas, but there is controversy as to the methods of these new crash tests. When a car vehicle hits a guardrail, the head is supposed to slide along the guardrail and deflect it away from the car. However, due to the design changes of the Trinity guardrails, the guardrail is acting as a spear and penetrating the car. This has lead to serious injuries where victims have lost limbs and in some cases died. Brent Coon and Associates has created a dedicated website at for all the latest news and information regarding the Trinity Lawsuit Litigation. BCA has also has a special Defective Guardrail Lawsuit hotline at 855-435-5839. Contact BCA to have a Defective Guardrail lawyer review your potiential Trinity Guardrail lawsuit. BCA works on a contingency basis, which means filing a Trinity Guardrail lawsuit will come at no cost to you. Contingency basis means that the attorneys who work on your claim only recieve payment if they are able to recover compensation for the victims of defective guardrail. If you or a loved one have been a victim of defective guardrails contact our Trinity Guardrail lawyers today. The statue of limitions in each state is different, and filing a Trinity guardrail lawsuits sooner rather than later will help in recovering compensation.

Defective Guardrail Lawyers

Brent Coon and Associates has extensive experience auto accident lawsuits including the General Motors Recall Litigation and will now include the Trinity Defective Guardrail litigation. Each Defective Guardrail lawsuit is different and our Defective Guardrail lawyers will guide you through the steps of a Guardrail Lawsuit required to ensure you maximum recovery. Complete the form to the right to have our Defective Recall Lawyers review your claim for free. Or contact our Defective Guardrail lawyers at: 855-435-5839 to speak to a representative immediately.

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